Why Dattoli

What We Do

There is only one thing we do at Dattoli Cancer Center: we provide each patient who entrusts his care to us the highest level of personal attention possible… Learn more

Doctor’s Experience

Our doctors and co-founders, Dr. Michael Dattoli and Dr. Richard Sorace, are world-renowned experts in prostate cancer treatment and care. Each has as much experience…Learn more

State of the Art Facility

At the Dattoli Cancer Center & Brachytherapy Research Institute, our “uniqueness” refers to the combination of leading edge technologies that are housed under one roof…  Learn more


Every man who is treated at the Dattoli Cancer Center makes a valuable contribution to the next generation. Drawing upon their academic research backgrounds…Learn more


The Dattoli Team creates a customized course of treatment for each patient ensuring that they also achieve the highest level of physical, mental and emotional well being… Learn more

Our Team

Meet our team of highly trained doctors and professional that make the Dattoli Cancer Center so successful at helping men with prostate cancer thrive… Learn more

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