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Our Unique State of the Art Facility

At the Dattoli Cancer Center & Brachytherapy Research Institute, our “uniqueness” refers to the combination of leading edge technologies that are housed under one roof at the Center and the high level of success attained from our treatment methods.

The Dattoli Cancer Center houses the world’s most sophisticated linear accelerators. Constantly upgraded, these treatment machines coupled with numerous 4D Image-Guided technologies (“Exact Couch/Table”, 3rd generation SonArray, 3rd generation on-board imaging, 3rd and 4th dimensional bone-to-bone matching, 3rd generation Cone Beam Tomography, Respiratory Gating, Portal Vision (MV), Portal Imaging using amorphous silicone electrode technologies) allow for the most highly focused and dynamically controlled radiation available anywhere in the world. The on-site 3 Dimensional Color-Flow Doppler Ultrasound with elastography and integrated fusion-ready Light Speed Helical CT Scanners are mainstays of the advanced diagnostic tools used at this Center.

The integration of these technologies makes Dynamic Adaptive RadioTherapy (DART) possible. DART is the technique that allows our physicians to maximize the radiation dose to the tumor while minimizing the dose to surrounding normal tissue (thereby minimizing side effects). This is accomplished by targeting thousands of predetermined voxels (cubic millimeters) with thousands of microbeams. This high-precision approach to curing cancer has been the dream of radiation therapy dating back more than four decades. The equipment is continually updated from first generation models to more refined succeeding generations enhanced by further innovations.

Our Center

At our center, a custom-designed information system gathers data from diagnostic procedures and physician input to be transferred into the Varian treatment planning computers. Certified medical dosimetrists and physicists create and validate individually designed treatment plans for each patient. Upon review by the physician, the treatment plan is loaded into the sophisticated program that controls the powerful linear accelerators.

This collection of leading edge technology at our facility, the focus of our highly skilled professional staff, and the documented results of our work make the Dattoli Cancer Center unique in many ways.

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