Among the Center’s 30+ dedicated staffers are the following department supervisors, many of whom have worked here since the Center first opened in 2001. They are each recognized as experts in the own fields and provide support to each other for the ultimate benefit of our growing patient population.

Krissy Binns

Front Desk Registration and Appointments
Krissy and her staff are usually the first contact point with the Dattoli Cancer Center. They welcome patients and visitors, schedule appointments, receive phone inquiries and serve as front line ambassadors.

Amber Kawlewski

Patient Services Specialist & Foundation Associate
Amber is the key person involved in patient orientation and education. She gives each patient a personal orientation during which the award-winning Patient Handbook is presented. Amber also plans and directs a weekly after-hours program for patients called “Dattoli University”. Amber is also an associate for the non-profit Dattoli Cancer Foundation.

Donald Bryant, RT (R)(T)(CT) ARRT

Radiation Therapy
With many years of experience, Donald supervises the daily activities of radiation therapy and computed tomography (CT), including a stringent quality assurance program and departmental continuing education.

Virginia ‘Ginya’ Carnahan, APR, CPRC

Marketing and Development
All center advertising, marketing, communications and event management is directed by Ginya, with input from the physicians and staff. She also serves as development head for the non-profit Dattoli Cancer Foundation.

David Dennis, CMD, ARRT(R)(T)

Implant Dosimetry
A certified medical dosimetrist, David works closely with Dr. Dattoli in designing the Palladium-103 implant pattern for each patient. He accompanies Dr. Dattoli to the operating suite to assist in the actual implant procedure.

Ginger Dilport

Insurance Verification and Medical Billing
Ginger’s staff is well-versed in the scope of commercial medical insurance programs as well as Medicare. They are accommodating in working with patients who do not have commercial insurance, offering individualized payment programs to suit the situation.

Jone Fay, BS, (R)(T) CMD

DART Dosimetry
Jone uses her certified medical dosimetry skills to create daily radiation plans for each patient which will deliver the appropriate amount of radiation to the target while protecting the critical structures surround the prostate gland.

David O’Brien

Controller and Human Resources
David manages the finances of both the Dattoli Cancer Center and its not-for-profit foundation, as well as controlling all Human Resource functions.

Christopher Keeler, MCSE

Information Technology
Virtually all diagnostic, treatment and communication technologies at the Center are computer dependent. Chris maintains all computer functions, including internet and website, and has created unique applications for this highly sophisticated environment.

Lisa Sledjeski, RN, BSN, OCN, CCRC

Nurse Manager
Oversight of nursing clinical studies and trials are conducted by Lise, as well as advanced clinical management of patients. She is a specialist in cancer nursing with many years of experience.

Christopher Wells, AS, RDMS

Chris has been the Center’s color-flow Doppler ultrasound specialist from its inception. In addition to his formal training, he has personally worked alongside Dr. Dattoli to perform these diagnostic studies, and has participated in thousands of seed implant procedures.