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Ongoing Research at Dattoli

Both our physicians are rooted in academic medicine. The ongoing “research” at the Dattoli Cancer Center provides data and experiential evidence from which many abstracts, papers, presentations and publications have sprung.

In our minds, it is imperative to be able to prove that our methods and protocols deliver results that benefit our patients year in and year out. It is not enough to merely suggest that our patients do well – we are committed to demonstrating our results in a variety of ways. The Dattoli staff has authored or contributed chapter material to several textbooks. Another eight booklets have been published by our non-profit affiliate, the Dattoli Cancer Foundation. More than two dozen articles have appeared in the most prestigious medical journals – including Cancer, Urology, Oncology, International Journal of Brachytherapy, Journal of Radiology Nursing, among others.

Continuing Research

Dr. Michael Dattoli is a much sought after international speaker on the subject of prostate cancer diagnosis, radiation delivery technology, advanced imaging techniques and non-surgical treatment. He has participated as faculty at many of the world’s premiere specialty seminars over the past 25 years and has made countless oral presentations during that time. A complete list of his publications is contained in his curriculum vitae, as well as his investigative appointments, committee memberships and review board positions.

At any one time, there are several studies for peer-reviewed medical journals in progress at this center. Such dedication to research enables us to make fact-based statements as to the efficacy of our ever-evolving treatment protocols. Dr. Dattoli presented his seminal 16-year treatment results at the Genitourinary Cancers Symposium in February of 2009, a landmark study which was subsequently published in the Journal of Oncology in July 2010. That paper reports the longest prostate cancer cure rate in the world to date. Click here to view the Dattoli study entitled, “Long-term Outcomes for Patients with Prostate Cancer having Intermediate and High-risk Disease, Treated with Combination External Beam Irradiation and Brachytherapy.”

That Dattoli paper was cited in a 2016 journal article published by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. Those researchers confirmed that our combined treatment protocol utilizing advanced external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) followed by a brachytherapy boost delivers superior results compared to all other radiation providers who offer only high dose rate EBRT. The Dana-Farber study also cited an ongoing Canadian ASCENDE-RT randomized trial, which reported that our combined protocol reduces treatment failure and recurrence by 50% compared to dose-escalated radiation therapies.Click here to view that study

Other Relevant Prostate Publications

For other relevant prostate publications please see the “Most Relevant Prostate Publications” in Dr. Dattoli’s CV.

Keep Informed

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