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Walter Sutkowski

Kingston, NY

Stuart Holland

Virginia Beach, VA

Andre Greico

Chico, CA

Paul Rink

Manchester, UK

Bob Hicks

Birmingham, AL

Jerry Chessler

Sarasota, FL

Werner Langenbach

Frankfort, Germany

Kevin Chaffee

Batesville, IN

Jose Riebeiro

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Guillermo Galan-(En Español)

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Carl Vorhoff

Union, KY

Rob Moser

Atlanta, GA

"With a rising PSA and Gleason 6, I chose to put my care in the hands of the Dattoli team, undergoing IMRT and brachytherapy. Two years down the road and 74 seeds later I'm back in the pilot’s seat and flying the newest birds in the fleet – the Boeing 777s. It is important – it’s imperative - to look at every option and get yourself to the very best treatment center you can find.”

Elzie McCord, Jr. PhD

Palmetto, FL

My aggressive treatment at the Dattoli Center has given me a new appreciation for life. I suffer no ill effects from the combination treatment, but I admit that I am a “changed man.” I'm a vocal advocate for prostate cancer education and screening, especially in the African-American community. Now, I rarely miss an opportunity to race a sailboat. It is a feeling of “euphoria,” one that I savor as often as possible.

In the winter of 2019, 64-year-old Kim F. was treated for breast cancer at the Dattoli Cancer Center. “I received a real education about my tumor and how radiation works. I admit that I felt a little out of place being surrounded by so many men being treated, but I can’t imagine getting better care than this.” Kim learned that the Dattoli Cancer Center is the only center in the country offering a radiation guidance system that can aim pinpoint radiation to the tumor while sparing the nearby heart and lungs. This is especially important when treating cancer in the left breast in such close proximity to the heart.

Alex Thompson

Beijing, China

“Half-way around the world is not too far to travel to get the best care. Five years later, I'm like new – no evidence of prostate cancer at all. With my children on their own and more time on my hands, I've completed a 750-mile pilgrimage in 2004 and am back climbing mountains. The view from the top is awesome!"

Joe Gruesu

Johnsonburg, PA

"My seeds were implanted in early 2000. Today I am happy, healthy and a grateful man. My PSA is barely detectable at 0.094, and I embrace life full-steam ahead with Bernice by my side."
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