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What is DART?

Click here to read more about DART. DART stands for Dynamic Adaptive RadioTherapy, and has been developed at the Dattoli Cancer Center as the most sophisticated form of radiation therapy currently available. DART encompasses a unique combination of leading-edge 4D image-guided technologies.


Click here to read more about Brachytherapy, an advanced technique of implanting radiation (maximum dose) sources (Palladium-103 “theraseeds”) directly into the tumor – either alone or in combination with a revolutionary form of radiation called DART when appropriate.

Treatments Available Elsewhere

The following pages are devoted to treatment options that are available at other centers, as viewed from our perspective on the published medical data – the reported results from the leading centers of excellence representing each of the specialties involved in treating prostate cancer.

Hormonal Therapy

Click here to read more about hormonal therapy. With hormonal therapy certain hormones have the ability to temporarily halt or slow the growth of prostate cancer, as well as to shrink the overall size of the gland.

Making Your Decision

First, you probably never thought you would be diagnosed with prostate cancer. But you were. And now you are being told that YOU must make the decision as to what treatment you will have. You probably never thought you’d have to do that either. Like most people, you have assumed that your doctor would make that decision. If you find yourself in this situation, it means that your caregivers are at least being straight with you in telling you that you do have options. In the past, too many men were not given a choice and too many learned after the fact that a different treatment approach may have been better for them.

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