New Ultrasound Technology Debuts at Dattoli Cancer Center

(June 18, 2010 – Sarasota, FL)

Dattoli Cancer Center has invested in the newest color-flow Doppler ultrasound technology for its prostate cancer treatment center and brachytherapy (seed implant) suite.

The Hitachi “HI VISION 900” is the latest generation premium class, high-resolution ultrasound system representing a genuine advance in image quality and clinical utility.

The equipment brings a new level of enhanced visualization through real-time elastography – technology that has been identified to distinguish the most subtle tissue differences, critically important in delineating cancerous and benign tissue using tissue gradients.

Among other state-of-the-art features of the HI VISION 900 are Hi Definition Tissue Harmonic Imaging (HdTHI), through which pulse inversion techniques (combining both harmonic and non-harmonic components) provide remarkable spatial and contrast image resolution with extended penetration; 4D Imaging made possible through HI Definition Static Acquisition to track and account for motion during the scan; Ethernet transmission enabling fusion with treatment planning modalities; HI Res+ high speed processing hardware to analyze each frame at the individual pixel level detecting and suppressing extraneous artifacts and transducer noise; and Coded B-Mode Imaging using two encoded pulses and a novel dual decoding process resulting in markedly increased image clarity.

This powerful new addition to Dattoli’s armamentarium elevates their staff to the highest level of diagnostic confidence, to the ultimate benefit of patients. The Center is one of only a few to have always embraced the value of color-flow Doppler technology, which has lead, in part, to its reputation as being one of the top prostate cancer treatment facilities in the world.

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