Dr. Kaminski


Joseph M Kaminski, M.D.
Dattoli Cancer Center & Brachytherapy Research Institute
2803 Fruitville Road
Sarasota, Florida 34237


(941) 957-1221 (office)


Medical Doctorate
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, GA

Bachelor of Science
With Highest Honors
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA


Radiation Oncology Residency
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN

Nuclear Medicine Residency
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN

Radiation Oncology Residency
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Philadelphia, PA

Abington Memorial Hospital
Abington, PA


Merit Award, NIH/NIAID, 2008

Obtained competitive funding for a conference on Immunosenescence sponsored by United States-Japan Cooperative Medical Science Program, NIH/NIAID 2007.

Travel grant for Gordon Conference (radiation oncology), January 30- February 4, 2005 Crowne Plaza, Ventura, CA

Physicians’ Practice Group Scholarship (Full Tuition plus stipend), 1995-1997
Medical College of Georgia

Outstanding graduate, College of Sciences; 1994
Georgia Institute of Technology


Radiation Oncology, American Board of Radiology (#55056)
Florida ME 112967
Georgia 05109
Ohio 098523


Staff Radiation Oncologist (Associate Professor),
Co-leader of the Neurological Oncology Multidisciplinary Program
Director of the GI, GU, and CNS Radiation Therapy Programs
January 2014-August 2015
Georgia Regents University
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, GA
Description: Staff radiation oncologist (IMRT, IGRT, SBRT/SRS, VMAT, etc), full time patient care

Staff Radiation Oncologist, February 2012-January 2014
Mercy Cancer Center
Tiffin, OH
Description: Staff radiation oncologist

Senior Medical Staff Radiation Oncologist, March 2008-January 2012
Bethesda, MD
Description: Staff radiation oncologist

Lead Medical Officer (GS15 Step 6, 7/Title 38), December 2008-December 2011
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research and on Detail at the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, August 2010-July 15, 2011
Food and Drug Administration
Silver Spring, MD

Medical Officer (GS14 Step 9), June 2007-December 2008
Office of Product Development,
Radiation Countermeasures and Emergency Preparedness Branch
Division of Allergy, Immunology and Transplantation
Bethesda, MD

Staff Radiation Oncologist (Assistant Professor), May 2004-June 2007
Dept. of Radiology, Radiation Oncology
Georgia Regent’s University (Medical College of Georgia)
Augusta, GA
Description: Adjunct faculty from May 2004-July 2005; Staff radiation oncologist and principal investigator of a laboratory investigating non-viral vectors (responsible for
2 junior faculty and 1 post-doctoral fellow) from August 2005-June 2007.


Consultant, 2014-2015
Varian Medical Systems
Palo Alto, CA

Consultant, 2009-2011
Professional Disability Associates
Portland, ME
Description: Chart review for disability claims


Assistant Clinical Professor, 2012
University of Toledo Medical Center
Toledo, OH

Assistant Professor of Radiology/Radiological Sciences. January 1, 2010-January 2012
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
F.Edward Hebert School of Medicine
Bethesda, MD
Description: Adjunct faculty appointment from teaching residents. Lectured and gave mock oral boards to the residents

Member, 2005-2007
Intellectual Property Committee
Georgia Health Sciences University (Medical College of Georgia)
Augusta, GA

Faculty, Graduate School
Georgia Health Sciences University (Medical College of Georgia)
Augusta, GA

Member, August 2005-June 2006
Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics
Georgia Health Sciences University (Medical College of Georgia)
Augusta, GA

Instructor for Nuclear Medicine Technology Students
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
July 2003-June2004


Member, NIH Study Section, Topic 291, RFP N44CO47004-13, Radiation Modulators Special Emphasis Panel, 2014

Member, FDA Subcommittee, American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), September 2013-2016.

Member, Funding Advocacy and Clinical Trials Committee, American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), September 2013-present.

Member, NIH Study Section, Topic 291, RFP: N44C031014-51, Radioprotector/Mitigator Development to Decrease Normal Tissue Injury During Radiotherapy, 2013.

Member and Cancer Liaison Physician for the cancer program at Mercy Tiffin (American College of Surgeons’ Cancer Program), May 2012-January 2014

Member, NIH Study Section SBIR Phase IIB Bridge awards to accelerate the development of cancer therapeutics, imaging technologies, interventional devices, diagnostics, and prognostics toward commercialization (R44), RFA-CA-12-023, 2013.

Member, NIH Study Section, SBIR Topic #258; Innovative Devices to Protect Radiosensitive Organs (Phase II). June 2012.

American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy Symposium Program Planning Participant. September 26-27, 2011.

Member, NIH Study Section, Topic 291: Radioprotector/mitigator to decrease normal tissue injury during radiotherapy, Feb 2011

Co-organizer, FDA: Drug, Device, and Biologic regulatory Issues. Society of Nuclear Medicine 58th Annual Meeting, June 2011.

Co-organizer and Co-moderator: DHHS/ASPR: The Local and Federal Nuclear/Radiobiological Laboratory Network for a Mass Casualty Event. Accepted to Society of Nuclear Medicine 58th Annual Meeting, June 2011.

Member, FDA Study Section, Advancing Regulatory Science through Novel Biomarker Research and Science Based Technologies (U01) July 2011.

Member of the NIH”s Earl Stadtman Search’s Biomedical Engineering/Biophysics/Physics Committee, July 2010.

Co-organizer and Co-moderator, FDA: Clinical and nonclinical regulatory topics. Society of Nuclear Medicine 57th Annual Meeting, June 2010.

Panel Member, Biological Consequences and Health Risks of Low-level Exposure to Ionizing Radiation Workshop. Columbia Chapter of the Health Physics Society. Richland, WA. May 2010.

Member, Technical Evaluation Panel for HHS-BARDA-09-36; Point of Care or High-Throughput Biological Assays for Determining Absorbed Radiation Dose (Biodosimetry) after Radiologic and Nuclear Events. May 2009. Contract amount ~ 40 million each over 5 years.

Co-Moderator, FDA: Update: The Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) Program and Chemistry Manufacturing and Control (CMC) Regulations, Society of Nuclear Medicine 56th Annual Meeting, June 14, 2009.

Member, NCRP Scientific Committee 1-8 (SC1-18) on the Use of ionizing radiation screening systems for detection of radioactive materials that could represent a threat to homeland security. 2009.

Chair for the Session on Aging and Innate Immunity, Aging and Immunosenescence Workshop, U.S.-Japan Cooperative Medical Science Program, San Francisco, CA, June 18-21, 2008.

Panel Member, Radiation/Nuclear Animal Models for ARS Workshop, Co-sponsored by CBER/CDER/NIAID, Bethesda, MD, September 17-18, 2008.

Panel Member, Stakeholder Workshop of the Security and Continued Use of Cesium-137 Chloride Sources, Bethesda, MD, September 29-30, 2008.

Chair for the Session on Breakdown and Reconstitution of Immune Systems, Radiation Effects Research Foundation-NIAID, Hiroshima, Japan November 27-29, 2007

Interim Co-chair for Mass Casualty Care/Community Planning, Healthcare & Public Health (HPH) Sector Research & Development (R&D) Executive Joint Advisory Working Group (JAWG), DHHS; October-December 2007.

Appointed by Dr. Donald Wright (Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health) on behalf of Secretary Leavitt to a DHHS administrative panel to review his decision because a petition was filed by a class of workers from the Rocky Flats Plant in Golden, Colorado, who he determined should not be added to the SEC, March-December 2008 (~100 hours in meetings).


Project Officer (Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative), National Institutes of Health, Completed on November 2007

FDA-CDER Leadership Institute, Kellogg School of Management, November 1-6, 2009


Guest Editor, Molecular Therapy, (special issue on Genome Editing), March 2016

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Clinical Radiation Oncology, September 2015-present

Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Low Radiation, July 2010-2014

Co-Editor with Gregory Sempowski, Elizabeth Kovacs, Andrea DiCarlo. Trends in Immunology (Special issue on immunosenescence); July 2009.


Journal: Molecular Therapy, Southern Medical Journal, J Gene Medicine, BioDrugs, Acta Biochimica Biophysica Sinica, Genome Biology, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, BMC Biotechnology, Nucleic Acids Research, Theriogenology. Molecular Cancer

Organizations: NCRP, ASPR (including BARDA), NIH, DOD


Acute Radiation Syndrome Project Coordinating Team, Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA); 2007

Blood and Tissue (BARDA); 2008

Prochymal Medical Radiation Countermeasure Integrated Product Team (DOD); 2008

Trans-NIH Pharmacogenomics Coordination Group; 2008

Radiological/Nuclear Integrated Program Team (BARDA); 2008-2009

Trans-NIH Gene Therapy Working Group; 2008

Task Group Member/Participant. Radiation Laboratory Network. DHHS/ASPR , 2010-2011


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