“Good Radiation: Does it Exist?” by Michael J. Dattoli, MD with Virginia Carnahan, CPRC, in Journey Express, Spring 2024, a newsletter published by the Dattoli Cancer Foundation

Michael J. Dattoli, MD with Virginia Carnahan, CPRC Journey Express, Spring 2024 Over the past 126 years, since the discovery of radium and polonium by Marie Curie in 1898, mankind has been haunted by the controversy regarding the benefits vs. danger of radiation. In the early 20th Century, a widespread phenomenon known as “radiophobia” or […]

The Challenge of Treating Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Michael J. Dattoli, Arvind B. Soni, Lauren Yanthis, Jone Fay, Gregory Lawrence; Long-term outcomes for patients with radiorecurrent prostate cancer treated with salvage combination IMRT and brachytherapy, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Genitourinary Symposium, January 2024.

SRQ Magazine | Top Doctors – Michael J. Dattoli, MD

Michael J. Dattoli, MD, is a board-certified radiation oncologist with decades of brachytherapy experience, having performed thousands of prostate implant procedures. Dr. Dattoli attended the University of California at Berkeley and was the Valedictorian of his class at Vassar College. He earned his medical degree at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Radiation Oncology at New […]

Testosterone: Friend or Foe?

Testosterone: Friend or Foe? MICHAEL DATTOLI, MD & GINYA CARNAHAN, APR, CRPC Perhaps one of the most controversial subjects in the prostate cancer world is the role of testosterone – its influence on the development of prostate cancer, its impact on current tumor growth, and more recently its possible ability to slow the growth of […]


(June 10, 2014 – Sarasota, FL)  This week Dattoli Cancer Center & Brachytherapy Research Institute became the first independent physician practice in the U.S. to offer men with advanced metastatic prostate cancer an injectable isotope of radium, marketed by Bayer as Xofigo® (zoh-fee-go).  This new pharmaceutical was recently FDA approved for use in men with […]

Incurable PCa? Consider Brachytherapy

Saturday, May 1, 2004 Incurable PCa? Consider Brachytherapy Over the past decade, prostate brachytherapy has gained increasing popularity for the treatment of prostate cancer, especially in view of the favorable side-effect profile when compared to alternative therapies. The number of patients treated with this modality is now on par with both radical prostatectomy and full-course […]